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The Meeting Point was an international platform for the practice of interdisciplinary instant composing, operating from Amsterdam, but in it's time also connected to artists in Helsinki, Berlin, Barcelona and Milan.
Improvised performance and instant composing seen as a disicpline in its own right, supporting interdisciplinary exchange, artistic production and social communication.

It all started with the Meeting Point sessions at the Bimhuis, Amsterdam, which are now continued under the name 'Monday Match'.

On this blog you can find the posts until August 2010, relating to the events that happened in Amsterdam and around (The Netherlands).


The Carpet Collective

This is a new platform for interdisciplinary instant composition in Amsterdam, facilitated by Thomas Johannsen:
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We hold weekly research sessions where the performance professionals from various disciplines lead the work in turns. Sessions are set up to (1) train and (2) discover and define work methods and vocabulary that work for any discipline.

The Meeting Point as a project of Valeria Primost is being continued via this website:

The Monday Match is the current regular spot for music/dance improvisation (continuing the concept of The Meeting Point) every first Monday of the month in the Bimhuis, Amsterdam:

The Genetic Choir (instant vocal composition) has also now his own website. You can find it here:

Friday, October 17, 2008

Instant Composition in Voice and Dance

29 + 30 November 2008:

"...two days of composing stories with voices & bodies..."

A weekend workshop with Thomas Johannsen

This workshop is an introduction into working with your voice inside the context of Instant Composition. Starting from getting used to your voice expression and applying known improvisation principles to working with sound + rhythm, we will go deep into the theatrical consequences of having a voice on stage as well as a body.

So we will spend some time with the exploration of your voice + movement, but our main focus this weekend will be how to compose with these two, very different tools of expression.

There is a special attention needed for the listening and for finding your place in the composition as a vocal performer. It doesn't matter whether you will be speaking, singing, or producing otherworldly noises. What is your physical presence as a vocal performer and how does that affect the theatrical space and the story that emerges?

The workshop is open to both dancers/physical performers and singers: people with dance improvisation experience who are more interested in voice work, and people with voice improvisation experience who want to look at the combination with physical performance.

Thomas Johannsen is a theatre director, performer and improvisation teacher. With a classical actor's education in London as a background, he studied with many great contemporary teachers of voice, movement, dance, theatre and instant composition (e.g. Julyen Hamilton, Germaine Acogny, Enrique Pardo, Linda Wise, Franki Anderson, Andrew Morrish, Jonathan Hart Makwaia). Thomas performs regularly as a vocalist and physical actor and likes, as a theatre director, to create performances that cannot completely be controlled.

Dates: 29+30 November 2008

Times: 10:30 - 17:30

Costs: 120,- / 110,- (student)

Location: deDansvloer, Balkstraat 31 in Utrecht

Reserve your place by sending a mail to:

More information:

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