This Website / Blog is being discontinued. I leave it at this place on the web as a reference, for archival purposes. Maybe you have come here through an old link.

The Meeting Point was an international platform for the practice of interdisciplinary instant composing, operating from Amsterdam, but in it's time also connected to artists in Helsinki, Berlin, Barcelona and Milan.
Improvised performance and instant composing seen as a disicpline in its own right, supporting interdisciplinary exchange, artistic production and social communication.

It all started with the Meeting Point sessions at the Bimhuis, Amsterdam, which are now continued under the name 'Monday Match'.

On this blog you can find the posts until August 2010, relating to the events that happened in Amsterdam and around (The Netherlands).


The Carpet Collective

This is a new platform for interdisciplinary instant composition in Amsterdam, facilitated by Thomas Johannsen:
Find them here:
We hold weekly research sessions where the performance professionals from various disciplines lead the work in turns. Sessions are set up to (1) train and (2) discover and define work methods and vocabulary that work for any discipline.

The Meeting Point as a project of Valeria Primost is being continued via this website:

The Monday Match is the current regular spot for music/dance improvisation (continuing the concept of The Meeting Point) every first Monday of the month in the Bimhuis, Amsterdam:

The Genetic Choir (instant vocal composition) has also now his own website. You can find it here:

Monday, July 5, 2010

Open Workshop for season 2010/2011

Hi there,
Beste mensen,

there is an open workshop again for all those interested in getting to know the Genetic Choir!

What is the Genetic Choir? click here

Er is 19 september weer een open worskhop voor iedereen die mee wil doen aan de Genetic Choir volgend seizoen, of gewoon een keer wil ruiken aan onze manier van werken.

People who consider joining the choir for the coming season are required to join the workshop. You don't need a specific voice or singing background, everybody is welcome. All you need is an open mind and interest to work as part of a group.

the date: Sunday, 19 September 2010
the time: 11:00-18:00

contribution for the workshop: 25 Euro
place of the workshop will be announced.

Please send me an e-mail if you'd like to join. (it is not a walk-in workshop, I'd like to hear from you first): thomas{AT}genetic-choir{DOT}org

Als je niet of nauwelijks Engels praat ben je trouwens ook welkom! :-) Afhankelijk van de deelnemers in het koor spreken we Nederlands en/of Engels. Wil je meer informatie omdat je geen Engels spreekt, stuur me dan een e-mail: thomas{APESTAARTJE}genetic-choir{PUNT}org

Furthermore, the dates for the choir session until Februari 2011 are:

26 September
17 October
28 November
19 December
16 Januari
13 Februari
27 Februari (concert)

All sundays, 14:30-18:00

As a new member, you first need to take part in the Open Workshop on 19 September in order to join the regular sessions.

All the best,

Three performances by the Genetic Choir

The Genetic Choir has performed in the last 5 months two times publicly, and one time informally...

My apologies that I have been not up to speed to announce these things on this blog. I am actually working on a new website: which will come online shortly, after the summer.

For the meantime and the sake of completeness, here the peformance dates and places: :-)

14 March 2010 Genetic Choir as guest of 'Blauw', in café Averechts, Utrecht
We performed a short piece inspired by the theme 'Ijle Klanken'. The composition will be published online on the new website...

7 May 2010 Genetic Choir performs live soundtrack in the Ketelhuis, Amsterdam.
We were asked to perform an hour of instant music, as accompaniment of the screening of 'Sound of Shadow'. See for more information on the filmproject.

27 June 2010 Informal concert at our rehearsal space in Amsterdam, to close the season.
A 25 minute piece by the choir and a 10 minute piece involving the audience. Both were recorded and the idea is that also these things will be published once the new website is up and running.

Thanks for this beautiful season and have a good summer!

What is the Genetic Choir? click here

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Voice for Dance workshop

with Thomas Johannsen

26th September 2009

Utrecht, Netherlands

This is a workshop about using the voice in dance improvisation.
Any sound can be music, any movement can be dance. It is your awareness that creates the meaning. But when dealing with sound or voice in improvisation, we do need a different awareness than just the awareness of a skilled dancer. What is space in terms of music? What is the physicality of your voice? This workshop is about experiencing this other awareness: Of any sound as music, and of your own voice as a musical and improvisational instrument.
Next to this we will look at the skill of supporting dancers with your voice. How to open up the space for them, how to create and sustain together a close interaction between voice and dance.

The focus of this workshop will be on voice work, but dancers are especially welcome with their skills, so that we can play in the second part of the day!
Whatever your level of experience - whether you never used your voice and want to try it or you are already a singer and you are interested in the interaction with dancers - this workshop might be something for you!

To inscribe for the workshop, and for more information send an e-mail to
or visit the website:

Thursday, July 16, 2009

new season Genetic Choir 2009/2010


There is an open workshop coming up for everyone who likes to get to know the Genetic Choir.
By now, the choir has grown so much that if you want to come to the regular sessions in the coming season and you are new to the Genetic Choir, you need to come to this workshop first.

But also if you simply want to check it out and enjoy this day of singing and instant composing, you are very much invited!

Date: 6th September 2009
Time: 11:00-18:00
Place: Amsterdam

If you are interested, contact me: johannsen{DOT}t{AT}gmail{DOT}com

What is the Genetic Choir? Click here!

Genetic Choir on Europa Cantat

There is a discovery atelier of The Genetic Choir on the European Choir Festival in Utrecht, Europa Cantat 2009:

21st of July 2009, 10:00-12:30, Lutherse Kerk, Utrecht

You could join it by buying a day pass to the festival - find all information on

Monday, June 8, 2009

Genetic Choir concert on KlankKleurFestival

The Genetic Choir is giving a concert on the KlankKleurFestival in Amsterdam!

date: Thursday, 11th of June 2009

place: Uilenburger Synagoge, Nieuwe Uilenburgerstraat 91, Amsterdam.

time: from 6 pm

entry: 5,- €

Thursday is the opening event of the KlankKleurFestival (11-14 June), with:
An exhibition of newly-made sound machines; the Genetic Choir at 8:30pm; and around 9.30pm Bach's haunting Goldberg Variations played by Priya Mitchell, Elisabeth Smalt and Evelien Prakke.

More information and the rest of the programme:

What is the Genetic Choir? Click here!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

IMPS@WORK&SOUP! nr.3: Fools and Objects

the 3rd installment of Imps@work@soup! will happen in Arnhem:
What is Imps@work@soup! ? Click here.

31st May 2009: Fools and Objects
time: Soup at 18:00, Performance at 19:30
place: De Zaal, Nijhoffstraat 42, in Arnhem.

The discipline of object/puppet theatre will meet this time with a specific brand of improvised theatre:

"Fooling" is a way to compose a performance in the moment, by letting all your 'inner voices' speak. In Arnhem lives and works a group of experienced Fools who regularly give instantly composed performances. On their website: they are describing in more detail how they work. (The website is in Dutch, and Dutch language might also be used in this performance.)

For Imps@work&soup! they have started a collaboration with Thomas Johannsen to explore what object/puppet theatre has in stall for them. This collaboration will culminate in a public Fools performance on 31st of May.

performers: Anita Kooij, Edgard Geurink, Fabiënne Belleflamme, Pimm, Paul Greidanus and Willem-Paul Nijs
facilitation: Thomas Johannsen