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The Meeting Point was an international platform for the practice of interdisciplinary instant composing, operating from Amsterdam, but in it's time also connected to artists in Helsinki, Berlin, Barcelona and Milan.
Improvised performance and instant composing seen as a disicpline in its own right, supporting interdisciplinary exchange, artistic production and social communication.

It all started with the Meeting Point sessions at the Bimhuis, Amsterdam, which are now continued under the name 'Monday Match'.

On this blog you can find the posts until August 2010, relating to the events that happened in Amsterdam and around (The Netherlands).


The Carpet Collective

This is a new platform for interdisciplinary instant composition in Amsterdam, facilitated by Thomas Johannsen:
Find them here:
We hold weekly research sessions where the performance professionals from various disciplines lead the work in turns. Sessions are set up to (1) train and (2) discover and define work methods and vocabulary that work for any discipline.

The Meeting Point as a project of Valeria Primost is being continued via this website:

The Monday Match is the current regular spot for music/dance improvisation (continuing the concept of The Meeting Point) every first Monday of the month in the Bimhuis, Amsterdam:

The Genetic Choir (instant vocal composition) has also now his own website. You can find it here:

Friday, October 17, 2008

Instant Composition in Voice and Dance

29 + 30 November 2008:

"...two days of composing stories with voices & bodies..."

A weekend workshop with Thomas Johannsen

This workshop is an introduction into working with your voice inside the context of Instant Composition. Starting from getting used to your voice expression and applying known improvisation principles to working with sound + rhythm, we will go deep into the theatrical consequences of having a voice on stage as well as a body.

So we will spend some time with the exploration of your voice + movement, but our main focus this weekend will be how to compose with these two, very different tools of expression.

There is a special attention needed for the listening and for finding your place in the composition as a vocal performer. It doesn't matter whether you will be speaking, singing, or producing otherworldly noises. What is your physical presence as a vocal performer and how does that affect the theatrical space and the story that emerges?

The workshop is open to both dancers/physical performers and singers: people with dance improvisation experience who are more interested in voice work, and people with voice improvisation experience who want to look at the combination with physical performance.

Thomas Johannsen is a theatre director, performer and improvisation teacher. With a classical actor's education in London as a background, he studied with many great contemporary teachers of voice, movement, dance, theatre and instant composition (e.g. Julyen Hamilton, Germaine Acogny, Enrique Pardo, Linda Wise, Franki Anderson, Andrew Morrish, Jonathan Hart Makwaia). Thomas performs regularly as a vocalist and physical actor and likes, as a theatre director, to create performances that cannot completely be controlled.

Dates: 29+30 November 2008

Times: 10:30 - 17:30

Costs: 120,- / 110,- (student)

Location: deDansvloer, Balkstraat 31 in Utrecht

Reserve your place by sending a mail to:

More information:

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

SHADOW-THEATRE in Instant Composition

17 & 18 November 08

with Anusc Castiglioni & Marisa Grande

This workshop is a journey which investigates the dynamic of body, light and space. It shows the way into the poetic world of shadowplay.
Exploring its origins as a 'double' and a 'subtle body', we enter the fields of imagination and discover the evocative power of shadow.
Based on Shadow-theatre principles and techniques, integrating years of experience in the field of stage creation and pedagogy, the workshop is lead by Anusc Castiglioni (set designer and shadow-theatre director) and Marisa Grande (dancer and shadow-performer).
Both have met during their work for the worldfamous group Teatro Gioco Vita, Piacenza (Italy). More information about the teachers hereby.

For: mime players, puppeteers, dancers/movers
Amount of participants: limited to 16. First come first serve!
Place/time: Ostadetheater, Van Ostadestraat 233 d, Amsterdam
Monday 17/11/08
time: 13:00-17.00 and 19:00-22:00
Tuesday 18/11/08
time: 10:00-12:00 and 13:00 - 17:00
Fee: € 130
More information: 020 671 24 17 Ostadetheater, ask for Eliane Attinger
Registration: please fill in the form hereby

* The workshop takes place in the framework of RISK - days of visual theater, November 19 - 24, 2008 (see

* Participants of the workshop can buy tickets to all performances of the RISK festival at reduced price
* Depending on availability and curiosity to explore further, participants will have the opportunity to join the Imps@Work&Soup! on November, 24th 2008, during the RISK festival. The Instant Composition practice is initiated by Thomas Johannsen in collaboration with Ostadetheater (see

* The teachers

Anusc Castiglioni is an Italian artist based in Milan.
She works as stage designer for theater, exhibitions, location projects and fashion. In 1988 she graduated at the Academy for Stage Design of Brera, Milan. Since 1989 she collaborates with the Italian Shadow theater Company Teatro Gioco Vita creating performances and exhibitions, making stage and costume design, creating original shadow-puppets and lights.
Since 1989 she gives workshops of Visual Art and Shadow Theater for children, teachers and professionals in the field of theater. Since 2005 she teaches preliminary study for light and shadow at NABA New Academy for Visual Art of Milan.
In 2001 she directed El Retablo del Maese Pedro music opera for shadow for the musical week of Siena produced by Accademia Chigiana.
She created the exhibition/performance Un mondo di figure d’ombra – Omaggio a Lele Luzzati which since 1996 has being touring in 12 European cities including Centro Culturale di Bélem of Lisbona, World Festival of Charleville-Mézières, Festival Teatro d’Europa, Piccolo Teatro of Milan and Luzati's Museum of Genova.
In 2007 she directed the shadow theatre performance Babar produced by Teatro Giocovita touring at this moment all over Europe.
In the last four years she is collaborating as a set designer with the director Paolo Magelli between Belgrade, Fiume, Rieka.

Marisa Grande is an independent artist based in Amsterdam. The rich diversity of her education and experience has influenced her performance work, integrating various languages into one theatrical event. Since 1990, she has taught extensively, specializing in contemporary dance and movement training in physical theatre. In the last thirteen years, her pedagogical approach expanded to encompass dance and improvisation as Instant Composition.
She is giving workshops on Movement Technique, Movement Research and Improvisation throughout Holland and abroad.
In recent years, her performance work has developed from extensive research in the relationship between dance, live music, storytelling, film and video.
Among some of her works are: Dialogues with the Invisible, Aspro, Scatola Magica, Singing the bones.
In 1988 she graduated at the Theatre school of Milan in the department “Laboratorio teatro-danza” subsequently she broaden her experience in the field of physical theatre through the Jerzy Grotowsky’s work method.
In 1997 she graduated from the Amsterdam Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, division New Dance Development, here she specialized her knowledge of body and movement through the work of Body-Mind Centring, Release and Hawkins Technique, Contact Improvisation and Instant Composition.
She worked with the Italian shadow-theatre company Teatro Gioco Vita where she developed understanding of the qualities of light in relation to the body and the animation of original shadow-puppets. Within the company, she met Anusc Castiglioni with whom she collaborated to develop a specific pedagogical approach to body-shadow and Multimedia Performance Installation.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


This autumn, we have the start of a new series of Meeting Point labs, with a special theme:

instant composition meets visual theater and mediterranean cooking

To find out more about
Imps@work&soup! - look here:
What is

The first two Imps@work&soup! labs were

27th of October 2008

Music, Movement & Laundry

with Oscar Jan Hoogland, Maaike van de Westeringh, Jochen Stechmann, Roy Tukkers, Lydia Müller, Thomas Johannsen, Marcos Baggiani

Cook: Raul Fernandez Anderson


24th of November 2008

The Body of Shadow

curated by Marisa Grande & Anusc Castiglioni

Cooks: Olive & Cookie

Place was: Ostadetheater (Van Ostadestraat 233d)
Time was: food at 19:00. performance at 20:00

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What is The Genetic Choir?

vocal instant composition

new website:

The ambition of the Genetic Choir is to instantly compose, as group, the music that any given moment asks for. Rather than being conducted, we want to be a choir that organises itself by the musical intelligence and intuition of all the members.
Although I am leading most of the sessions in terms of structuring the work, when we are improvising or performing, I am just part of the choir as one of the singers and do not fulfil a special role.

We are looking at the whole range of the human voice, what generally is called 'extended voice techniques. But we also enjoy ´straight singing', and whatever sounds we are making, we are always seeking to make the voice 'real'/meaningful (which is quite easy, but sometimes feels like the hardest part).

Next to this, developing a musical understanding of how to work inside a big group of singers is an imporant part of the training, as are instant composition techniques and principals, working with rythm, melody, textural sounds, singing solo, etc.

Please read further below for some more figurative, detailed (and maybe more conclusive) descriptions.

If you are interested to join us, check the date of the next open workshop: Click here.

Or contact me: johannsen {DOT} t {AT} gmail {DOT} com

Genetics (from the Greek genno γεννώ= give birth) is the science of genes, heredity, and the variation of organisms.

Evolution is composition. The genetic reproductive cycle with its simple rules has produced an ecosystem with a huge number of rather well-composed organisms. Given the slow pulse of the reproduction cycle this has taken a couple of millions of years, but a process like that can be easily sped up if not genes are the transmitters of information, but our volatile and flexible voices.

Based on the principle of copying (passing on information) the idea is to become, as singers, not so much 'improvisers' but rather transmitters of sound information that you receive through your ears and which converges through the processes of mutation and natural selection towards a sound eco-system, i.e. composition.

The sessions are open for everyone and explicitly inviting both professional singers and beginners alike. The concept we are working from is that the quality of the music will not depend on your virtuoso qualities (though they are very much welcome), but on the ability to listen and give yourself over to the existing sound and support it. All patterns and colours of music can arise from this, there are no boundaries in music style, amount of solo vs. group or length of the compositions. Everything from opera aria's to rap riffs can come out of this, though it might take us some time to get that confident. ;-)

The work is to a high degree exploratory and lets yourself find your own way in using your voice in a musical way. At the same time, we are working from a clear vision on improvisation that believes in constantly finding the right balance in listening (patience/being), acting consciously (compositional mind) and surrendering to 'what is' (abandon). In other words, letting yourself being taken by the moment while at the same time making and sustaining contact (with yourself, with your fellow singers, with the audience).

Note that 'singing', for me includes all conceivable sounds made by the human voice. Beauty arises from the quality of your attention and any great performance depends on the shared attention of everybody present: The amount to which an audience dares to give itself fully in the listening and the amount to which the performers dare to listen and lead the way.

Here some people and 'bodies of knowlegde' that have inspired / keep inspiring me in shaping the work with the Genetic Choir:
Jonathan Hart Makwaia, Nick Hobbs, Phil Minton, Izidor Leitinger, Haim Isaacs, Enrique Pardo, Linda Wise, The Roy Hart Voice Work, The Lichtenberg Method, Aikido

Examples of what we are going to do:

Exploration of the different phenotypes that will be part of the soundgene-pool:

open sounds (singing with and without the notion of scale / changing register&timbre)
labial sounds & co (lips, tongue, mouth cavity and saliva producing sounds)
breathing sounds + broken sounds (false vocal chords)
human language sounds
pulse and rhythm

Exploring different modes of producing, copying and mutating:

mirroring (exact copy)
1-2-1-2 and/or simultaneous copying
shedding information
concepts of supporting
pacing the reproductive cycle
absorb, let yourself be affected and produce
find the space = find your voice

We will work in couples and small groups to train the basic building blocks and from there move on to the big choir work and composition.

It is a technique that is freeing to the improviser's mind. No need to be brilliant, clever or original. Relax! By abiding to the simple rules, you become part of an ecosystem that is amazingly inventive and self-organising.

No specific singing education is required.

The sessions are taking place approximately once a month, somewhere in Amsterdam.

Thomas Johannsen

new website:

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Meeting Point Lab at the Bimhuis

The Meeting Point was founded by Valeria Primost and Marcos Baggiani in June 2004 at the Bimhuis Amsterdam.

It was proposed as a music and dance improvisation lab, because of their own need to practice the discipline of improvised performance on stage.
For two years, every first Monday of the month, the "Meeting Point Lab" was organised in the Bimhuis and it became a fixed point in the agenda of both instant composition practitioners and their audience in Amsterdam.

While gathering a community in Amsterdam by performing and researching the lab in the Bimhuis, artists from other cities started using the same format to collaborate with their own city's communities to further develop their approaches to the discipline and to bring the material to a wider audience. See our main site for more information about the other cities.

To this date, the first Monday of the month in the Bimhuis in Amsterdam is still an evening organised in the spirit of the Lab. The programming is now done by the Bimhuis themselves and it is called the "Monday Match".
The Meeting Point Lab concept of two curators from the disciplines dance and music who invite a unique set of performers to improvise together has not changed and it is still a great place to go every month. Entrance is free. For more information see

Meeting Point Lab Performances
at the Bimhuis and abroad


October 20th till November 5th 2006, The Meeting Point in Caracas and San Felipe, Venezuela
Workshops for the Instituto Universitario de Danza de Caracas and the Regional Dance Academy of San Felipe. Performance at Chacao Theatre in the context of the "I Encuentro de Danza Universitaria - Artes Integrales". Urban intervention with students at Estacion Parque del Este, in the context of the project "Escenario Urbano", for the recuperation of public spaces

June 5th 2006, Bimhuis, curating: Valeria Primost and Marcos Baggiani
Dance: Eric McKenzie, Marta Sponzilli, Marisa Grande, Valeria Primost
Music: Mark van Tongeren, Michael Moore, Guillermo Celano, Marcos Baggiani
Lights: Diana Gadish.

May 1st 2006, Bimhuis, guest curators: Eileen Standley and Michael Fischer.
Dance: Jasmina Krizaj, Nina Fajdiga, Urska Vohar, Tina Valentan.
Music: Daisuke Terauchi, Oscar Jan Hoogland, Marcos Baggiani, Michael Fischer.
Lights: Ellen Knops.

April 3rd 2006, Bimhuis, guest curator: Paul Estabrook
Dance: Natassa Katsika, Elleke Powelse, Louisa Razsyk, Paul Estabrook-
Music: Jan Martens, Felicity Provan, Daisuke Terauchi, Tamaho Miyake.
Lights: Ellen Knops.

March 6th 2006, Bimhuis, curating: Benjamin Vandewalle with The Meeting Point- Brussels.
Dance: Malaika Sarco, Valeria Primost, Albert Quesada, Benjamin Vandewalle.
Music: Ilan Manouach- saxophone, Clement Nourry - guitar, David Weemaels –drums Lights: Federica Porello

February 13, 2006, Bimhuis Amsterdam
Dance/performance: Giorgio Convertito, Lily Kiara, Risa Takita and
Julyen Hamilton Music: Michael Moore (alt sax and clarinet), Eric McEnzie
(electronics), Ahim Kaufmann (Piano) and Marcos Baggiani (drums)
Lights: Ellen Knops

January 27th to 30st , The Meeting Point on Tour
January 30th 2006, 19:30 im_flieger, WUK, Währingerstr. 59, 1090 Vienna
January 28th 2006, 19:30 Alte Fabrik , Steyrermühl, Austria
January 27 th 2006, 20:00 at the festival 'artacts '06 Alte Gerberei, St. Joahnn/Tirol, Austria
dance: Valeria Primost, Diana Gadish, Isabel Olle Carpintero, Pere Gay i Faura
music: Daisuke Terauchi, voice, theremin, electronics. Peter Huber, trumpet. Marcos Baggiani, drums. Michael Fischer, sopranosaxophone, violin

January 2nd 2006, bimhuis Amsterdam, Curating Lily Kiara
Music: Wilbert de Joode – double bass, Felicity Provan – cornet, vocals, Joost Buis – trombone, lap steel Dance: Mat Voorter, Marek Isleib, Ailed Izurieta, Lily Kiara (guest curator) Light: Ellen Knops


December 5th 2005, Bimhuis, Amsterdam. Guest curator: Marisa Grande
Music: Hans Hasebos (drums/keyboards), Cristin Wildbolz (double bass), Gloribel Hernandez (voice and electronics). Dance: Bettina Neuhaus, Kenzo Kusuda, Marisa Grande (guest curator). Visual Art: Joncquil de Vries. Light: Urska Vohar.

November 20th 2005, Parque Rodo, Festival Montevideo sitiada, Montevideo Uruguay
Francisco Lapetina, Marcos Baggiani, Inés Armas, Edwin Moturi, Nina Fajdiga, Catalina del Castillo, Valeria Primost.

November 5th 2005, Bimhuis, Amsterdam
Michael Fischer, Oscar Jan, Marcos Baggiani,
Pere Gay I Faura, Radahrani Pernarcic, Valeria Primost, Ellen Knops.

October 3rd 2005, Bimhuis, Amsterdam
Carlos Fagin, Camilo Fernandez, Marcos Baggiani, Ron Bunzl, Isabel Ollé Carpintero, Grainne Delanney, Valeria Primost, Pere Guy I Faura.

September 5th 2005, Bimhuis lab , Amsterdam
Felicity Provan, Nathan Fuhr, Mark van Tongeren, Marcos Baggiani, Maria Mavridou, Montse Roig, Kyung Sun Baek, Pere Gay I Faura, Valeria Primost.

June 6th 2005, Bimhuis lab , Amsterdam
With Wilbert de Joode, Marcos Baggiani, Daizuke Terauchi, Bettina Neuhaus, Julyen Hamilton, Diana Gadish, Valeria Primost.

May 2nd 2005, Bimhuis Amsterdam
With: Marcos Baggiani, Daizuke Terauchi, Michael Fischer, Diana Gadish, Maria Mavridou, Natascha Katsika, Valeria Primost.

April 4th 2005, Bimhuis Amsterdam
With Dance: Rosana Pinhieiro, Lior Avizoor, Katrina Brown, Valeria Primost, music: Seamus Cater (electronics and others), Alex Parkinson (drums), Tom Parkinson (bass), Jeroen Kimman (guitar). Lights: Valentina Campora.

March 7th 2005, Bimhuis Amsterdam
With Dance: Daniela Graca, Michael Schumacher, Marisa Grande, Valeria Primost. Music: Peter Hubber: Trumpet, Marcello Windolph: Double Bass, Eric Boeren: Cornet, Marcos Baggiani: drums. Lights: Ellen Knops.


December 13th 2004, Punto de Encuentro, Sur Despierto, Buenos Aires, Argentina
With: Montse Roig, Martin Inthamoussu, Valeria Primost, Marcos Baggiani (drums), Carlos Fagin (piano), Nacho Pola (lights).

November 1st 2004, Bimhuis, Amsterdam
with: Music: Andy Moor (electric guitar), Michael Fischer (sax and violin), Marcos Baggiani (drums).dance/performance: Eilen Stanley, Lily Kiara, Diana Gadish, Valeria Primost. Lights: Valentina Campora.

October 4th 2004, Bimhuis, Amsterdam
With: music: Michael Moore (alto sax), Alex Waterman (cello), Marcos Baggiani (drums). Dance/performance: Montse Roig, Grainne Delaney, Roser Lopez Espinosa and Valeria Primost. Lights: Ellen Knops. (assistance: Valentina Campora)

September 6th 2004, Bimhuis, Amsterdam
With: Music: Meinrad Kneer (double bass), Stephie Buttrich (voice), Petre Radu Scafaru (tenor sax), Marcos Baggiani (drums), Ivo Bol (Laptop). Dance: Katie Duck, Maria Ines Villasmil, Martin Inthamoussu, Sylvain Meret, Valeria Primost. Lights: Ellen Knops.

June 7th 2004, Bimhuis, Amsterdam
With: Music: Carlos Fagin (piano), Mary Oliver (violin), Felicity Provan (trumpet), Camilo Fernández (electric bass and double bass), Marcos Baggiani (drums). Dance: Leela May Stockholm, Manuela Tessi, Vincent Caccialano and Valeria Primost. Lights: Ellen Knops.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Instant Composition Workshop for Dance and Music

A live dialogue

with Hans Hasebos and Marisa Grande for Dancers and Musicians

19-20 & 26-27 April 2008

W.A.T. studio - Werkplaats voor Actueel Theater - Amsterdam

The workshops focus on how the two disciplines of dance and music can play together towards a whole, live composition.
The aim is the development of a live dialogue between the two artistic languages, by looking at their similarities and differences allowing a common ground to be created.
In both disciplines we train and practice our intuitive intelligence and a compositional mind to engage, receive and respond as one organic action.
Musicians and dancers will work together as one group.
During the workshops the participants will have the opportunity to play and watch group improvisation sessions to learn by practice and observation.
This project is for dancers/movers and musicians willing to learn and improve their skills to compose in the moment.
The project takes place over 2 weekends. Priority is given to participants who commit to the whole period.
At the end of the 2 weekends we will have a presentation with an invited audience, as a part of the improvisation practice.

19-20 & 26-27 April 2008
11 am to 5 pm Saturday and Sunday
Presentation 27th April at 6 pm W.A.T. studio
W.A.T. studio - Werkplaats voor Actueel Theater
De Roos van Dekamaweg 1 - 1061 HR Amsterdam

Fee for 2 weekends: € 200 € 180 for students

Information and Inscription
To register send an email to
info {AT} marisagrande {DOT} com AND to
info {AT} hanshasebos {DOT} com including a short motivation letter, a brief description of your background, if you apply as a dancer or musician and with which instrument. After receiving a confirmation via email you can reserve your place by transferring a deposit of € 100 to bank account nr 6537289 t.a.v. Marisa Grande.
Please mark your transfer with the note "Dance & Music Workshop".
You can also contact Marisa via telephone 06- 49760373.
Hans and Marisa found each other in the work of Improvisation as an independent performance art form. Their passion and commitment for improvisation in their own discipline creates a strong ground for their collaboration, in which a shared vision unfolds.

Hans Hasebos Vibraphone. Multi-instrumentalist and Composer. During the eighties he becomes involved as a percussionist musician with the Jazz and improvisation scene in Amsterdam. He initiates Guitarbandits, a new look on Jazz-rock, and Bachelor Beats alternative dance music with VJ. He makes compositions and audio productions for theatre and film. Hasebos never embraced a special tradition, his eclectic approach in which classic, jazz and pop music fuse results in a personal sound.
Marisa Grande is an independent artist, dancer and choreographer based in Amsterdam. The rich diversity of her education and experience has influenced her performance work, integrating various languages into one theatrical event. Both her artistic and pedagogical work focus on Improvisation as Instant Composition.
The spectrum of her teaching began in 1990 developed from her experience as an artist /performer in contemporary dance and movement training in physical theatre. Since 2000, she has been active in teaching throughout Holland and abroad, and promoting performance projects collaborating with dancers, musicians and visual artists, directing and performing.