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The Meeting Point was an international platform for the practice of interdisciplinary instant composing, operating from Amsterdam, but in it's time also connected to artists in Helsinki, Berlin, Barcelona and Milan.
Improvised performance and instant composing seen as a disicpline in its own right, supporting interdisciplinary exchange, artistic production and social communication.

It all started with the Meeting Point sessions at the Bimhuis, Amsterdam, which are now continued under the name 'Monday Match'.

On this blog you can find the posts until August 2010, relating to the events that happened in Amsterdam and around (The Netherlands).


The Carpet Collective

This is a new platform for interdisciplinary instant composition in Amsterdam, facilitated by Thomas Johannsen:
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We hold weekly research sessions where the performance professionals from various disciplines lead the work in turns. Sessions are set up to (1) train and (2) discover and define work methods and vocabulary that work for any discipline.

The Meeting Point as a project of Valeria Primost is being continued via this website:

The Monday Match is the current regular spot for music/dance improvisation (continuing the concept of The Meeting Point) every first Monday of the month in the Bimhuis, Amsterdam:

The Genetic Choir (instant vocal composition) has also now his own website. You can find it here:

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Instant Composition Workshop for Dance and Music

A live dialogue

with Hans Hasebos and Marisa Grande for Dancers and Musicians

19-20 & 26-27 April 2008

W.A.T. studio - Werkplaats voor Actueel Theater - Amsterdam

The workshops focus on how the two disciplines of dance and music can play together towards a whole, live composition.
The aim is the development of a live dialogue between the two artistic languages, by looking at their similarities and differences allowing a common ground to be created.
In both disciplines we train and practice our intuitive intelligence and a compositional mind to engage, receive and respond as one organic action.
Musicians and dancers will work together as one group.
During the workshops the participants will have the opportunity to play and watch group improvisation sessions to learn by practice and observation.
This project is for dancers/movers and musicians willing to learn and improve their skills to compose in the moment.
The project takes place over 2 weekends. Priority is given to participants who commit to the whole period.
At the end of the 2 weekends we will have a presentation with an invited audience, as a part of the improvisation practice.

19-20 & 26-27 April 2008
11 am to 5 pm Saturday and Sunday
Presentation 27th April at 6 pm W.A.T. studio
W.A.T. studio - Werkplaats voor Actueel Theater
De Roos van Dekamaweg 1 - 1061 HR Amsterdam

Fee for 2 weekends: € 200 € 180 for students

Information and Inscription
To register send an email to
info {AT} marisagrande {DOT} com AND to
info {AT} hanshasebos {DOT} com including a short motivation letter, a brief description of your background, if you apply as a dancer or musician and with which instrument. After receiving a confirmation via email you can reserve your place by transferring a deposit of € 100 to bank account nr 6537289 t.a.v. Marisa Grande.
Please mark your transfer with the note "Dance & Music Workshop".
You can also contact Marisa via telephone 06- 49760373.
Hans and Marisa found each other in the work of Improvisation as an independent performance art form. Their passion and commitment for improvisation in their own discipline creates a strong ground for their collaboration, in which a shared vision unfolds.

Hans Hasebos Vibraphone. Multi-instrumentalist and Composer. During the eighties he becomes involved as a percussionist musician with the Jazz and improvisation scene in Amsterdam. He initiates Guitarbandits, a new look on Jazz-rock, and Bachelor Beats alternative dance music with VJ. He makes compositions and audio productions for theatre and film. Hasebos never embraced a special tradition, his eclectic approach in which classic, jazz and pop music fuse results in a personal sound.
Marisa Grande is an independent artist, dancer and choreographer based in Amsterdam. The rich diversity of her education and experience has influenced her performance work, integrating various languages into one theatrical event. Both her artistic and pedagogical work focus on Improvisation as Instant Composition.
The spectrum of her teaching began in 1990 developed from her experience as an artist /performer in contemporary dance and movement training in physical theatre. Since 2000, she has been active in teaching throughout Holland and abroad, and promoting performance projects collaborating with dancers, musicians and visual artists, directing and performing.